Whiskey Glass Candle

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Tumbler Jars are one of our longest-lasting candles, and will give you plenty of time to enjoy the gentle scents drifting from room to room in your home.

 One of the great things about Natura soy candles is that when you finish them, there is almost no wax left in the jar. 

That makes it easy to re-use the jars as quality drinking glasses (these candle containers are actually whiskey tumblers!).

As always… only all-natural goodness in these Tumbler Jars: pure soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, plant based essential oils - burning these candles feels like giving mother Earth a big hug :)

Why Tumbler Jar:

* One of our longest burning candles

 * You get a high quality drinking glass when you’re done enjoying your luxurious soy candle!


*10 oz * Cotton Wick * 100% soy wax