Sahara Weekend Traveller Bag

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You stare into the sands as if they have a secret to tell, but you’re not sure when it’s coming, and you don’t want to miss it. It mesmerizes you and leaves you ponderous and calm. As the sun starts to set, the sky lightens to a faint teal, with a burning red reaching up from the horizon to meet it. You’re sure you’ll never forget this beautiful moment.

Weekend traveller series - inspired by our favourite experiences and getaways on the planet. All of those places near and far that take our breath away,

Bag size 20" (54 cm) x 8" (20 cm) x 8" (20 cm)

Volume - 22L

Top grain, high quality, adjustable leather straps that wrap all the way around the bag for added support (can be used as a backpack as well)

Traditionally patterned exterior made with a high quality blend of cotton and synthetic fibre

Hand hammered metal rings Heartprint Threads has teamed up with mealshare!

For each sale of a bag, a portion of proceeds goes to raise awareness for youth hunger in our communities.