The CÆP Phone Case

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(Rope and card holder sold separately)

The convenience of this phone case amazes me! I use this case everyday and it has made everything much easier. With being a mom I am always carrying a diaper bag and not a purse, so having my phone with my cards right at my hip and hands-free is amazing.

The CÆP detachable rope case is extremely flexible, durable and has a smooth silky touch. The TPU material makes for easy cleaning. 

There is a velvet lining on the inside which we call the "internal fall protection" and protects your phone even more so.

Please note:

THE CÆP, in no way guarantees the integrity of your smartphone or screen when housed in the case. Handle with care and employ your cell phone at your own risk. 

Kids love to play make believe with this product. Rope as well as the component parts present very real chocking hazards. Children should handle the case only under adult supervision. Common parenting sense best applied. 

Depending on the model or product generation, the product may differ slightly from displayed photos. 


If you do not see a colour or your case size listed, please contact us and I can special order one in for you!