GENESIS Tallow Sunshine Face Stick

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SUNSHINE zinc tallow stick is a water/sweat resistant outdoors formula that promotes broad-spectrum coverage. Made with mindful ingredients like tallow, zinc oxide, coconut oil and red raspberry seed oil to extend your fun in the sun. This beachy blend is tinted with cocoa and will not leave a white film on your skin.

Unlike other traditional sunscreens, Zinc Oxide does NOT get absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream. This makes it a safer and cleaner natural sunscreen ingredient option!

Many natural sunscreens will leave a white/grey film on the skin.. which is why we decided to naturally tint ours with cocoa.

Made in stick form for easier on the go use. Water and sweat resistant made from beeswax. I know what you might be thinking... will the wax clog my pores??! NO! Beeswax has a low rating on the comedogenic scale.

Tallow SPF 4

Zinc Oxide SPF 20

Coconut Oil SPF 5

Raspberry Seed Oil SPF 40

Size: 1.25oz