Diffuser Blends

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Pure essential oil blends - made to work great in any scent diffuser

What's Great About The Aroma Blend Collection:⁠

- Fill your home with gorgeous & soothing aromatherapy scents with just a few drops in any diffuser

- 100% essential oil scent blends, expertly formulated by our industry-leading perfumists

- Gorgeous amber bottles with squeeze dropper, no more fighting to get your scent out!

- Pure & natural blends means MORE scent than traditional brands, which means these will last! Great value for aroma lovers.

- 11 pure, plant-based scents to suit any mood or situation

- Enclosed in eco-friendly paper board tube package. ⁠

- Beautiful hand-drawn labels, because these aromas are like works of art too!


Sweet Dreams: Lavender, Vanilla & Chamomile

Pacific Coast: Cypress, Lavadin & Eucalyptus

Desert Sage: Cedarwood, Sage & Eucalyptus